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Engaging Mobile Consumers—Is an App Always the Answer?

Every good retailer needs an app, right? Popular consensus says yes, but some vocal digital experts are now leaning more toward the “maybe” side of things. While mobile apps have been a huge innovation for the retail world in recent years, that doesn’t mean consumers will use a retailer’s app simply because it exists. We know shoppers are using their mobile devices in the store but only about 21 percent turn to a retailer’s app first, according to a study conducted by Google. Instead, the majority of shoppers begin their digital journey by using a mobile browser to search for a product or by going directly to a retailer’s website.

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Setting Shoppers Up for Back-to-School Success

For many families, back-to-school season is a time of big transitions. They say goodbye to the freedom of fun summer days and prepare for early morning wakeups and a bevy of activities to be added to the calendar. All of those changes—and supplies to go with them—add up to a lot of spending: $75 million […]

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Smile, Invite, Have Fun!

Smile (at your customers), invite (them over) and have fun—that’s Lead Sales Advisor Cathy Totten’s winning approach to running in-store events. This month, we asked her to share some of the best strategies she’s developed over her 12 years as a Sales Advisor with Interactions. “First, it’s so very important for Sales Advisors to pay […]

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