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Predictive Analytics: The New Retail Currency

By Giovanni DeMeo, Vice President, Global Marketing and Analytics Predictive analytics gives retail marketers the power to see into the future and know with almost complete certainty exactly what products shoppers will purchase, where they will make those purchases and how their preferences will change in the short and long term. Of course, all of […]

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Satisfying Shoppers’ Changing Tastes

What used to seem like exotic ethnic foods, such as sushi and tamales, are now standard fare in many grocery stores—and on many shoppers’ dining room tables. According to Mintel, a global market research firm, ethnic foods now account for over $8.5 billion in retail sales each year, a number that’s expected to grow to […]

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Secrets from a Top Seller

This month, we ask Beth Sandy from Columbus, OH, who was a leader in average-sales-per-event in 2012, about her secrets for turning samples into sales. “I take the time [to talk to each shopper],” says Beth. “If there’s a long line, I don’t push anyone away or hurry them along. But I don’t repeat the […]

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