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Consumer-Centric Pricing: Adapting to the Shifting Control of Retail

Since the dawn of modern manufacturing, retail prices have been standardized and set by the retailers. There’s been little to no input from or consideration for shoppers beyond the thought of “how can we get the most shoppers to buy our product at a price that still makes a profit.” But with the explosion of […]

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Taking Halloween Beyond the Candy Aisle

In recent years, Halloween seems to have become the new unofficial start of the holiday season. Seven out of 10 shoppers celebrate the holiday, and between costumes, treats and home décor, the average shopper now spends $80 on Halloween goodies. With some creative thinking, Sales Advisors can take treats beyond the candy aisle and capitalize […]

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Boosting Sales by Boosting Customer Confidence

It’s no secret that shoppers can be intimidated by ingredients outside their comfort zone or by preparations that seem too complex. This month, Sales Advisor and Seafood Specialist Carol Batis shares her tricks for overcoming that apprehension—and boosting sales. “My keys to success as a Sales Advisor include my love for food, my love of […]

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