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A Message From Senior Director Shari Robinson

Welcome to April! This month is more than Easter and egg hunts, it is One to One’s first customized version of the Daymon Interactions Retail News Insider. In this issue, we feature this Director’s Corner, as well as an article penned by Senior Area Manager Tony Vavlas on pushing the right buttons with shoppers. Having multiple ways to approach shoppers will help you fill their baskets this Easter season!

This newsletter offers us an opportunity to share your successes with the entire company, so take advantage of it! Take pictures of your events and let your Area Managers know about the great job you did merchandising your displays, selling lots of product and creating excitement in your store. We’ll take those stories and submit them for the newsletter.

There are several opportunities coming up for you to show your talents. First, we have developed a partnership with Registered Dietitians in 22 Giant Eagle stores, and are planning to have Dietitian-focused events every other Saturday in those stores. Our Sales Advisors will work in partnership with the Dietitian to sample products that have health benefits. The Sales Advisor will sample the products, and the Dietitian will talk to the shopper about the health benefits of that product. If the program goes well, it will expand to every Saturday to additional stores as more Registered Dietitians are added across the chain.

…we will be introducing a Sales Advisor Sales Incentive Program very soon..

Second, grilling season starts in May, and we have a wide variety of backyard entertaining events designed to showcase outdoor entertaining meal ideas. Burgers, hot dogs, sausage, cakes and beverages will be center stage as we move outside to socialize. Check your event packets for more detail in the coming weeks.

Finally, I am very excited to give you a sneak peek of a new program we will soon be introducing. After many months of looking at different options of how to reward our outstanding Sales Advisors, I am happy to say that we will be introducing a Sales Advisor Sales Incentive Program very soon. The program will offer bonus incentives based on your specific event sales, and will reward great performance with additional bonuses. Watch for more details to come.

Have a fantastic April!

Shari Robinson
Senior Director of Operations