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Pushing the Right Buttons

Buttons are small but mighty things. They keep our pants up, change our television channels and give our snowmen noses. However, buttons also help us to make the sale!

Everyone has a hot button, a reason to stop and listen, a reason to try and most importantly – a reason to BUY. The hard part, is finding out which buttons to push, and when.

Lead Sales Advisor Betty Scott was recently sampling BelVita Breakfast Biscuits at Giant Eagle store 4078 in Austintown, Ohio. Her approach went something like this:

“Hi! Come on over and try our BelVita Breakfast Biscuits. They are a great breakfast cookie for folks on the go. They are loaded with fiber and have no trans fats. They also make a great tasting and healthy snack for kids and adults. Like I said, they are a breakfast biscuit but I eat them anytime and I have a dollar off coupon.”

In that short 15-second period, a lot of magic happened. Betty was able to press many “buttons” in a short time. She greeted the shopper, highlighted nutritional benefits, explained how multiple people would enjoy the product and prompted the sale with a coupon offer. It is no surprise that Betty sold out of her product by the end of her shift!

Nice work! Keep pushing those buttons. It keeps the buttons on the cash registers moving too!