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A Method to Merchandising

During any event, it is always our goal to sell product. However, we can’t forget about the presentation. Making your cart visually appealing by properly merchandising, gives you an even better chance to increase the amount of items shoppers put in their carts and ultimately purchase.

When merchandising your cart, make sure it is fully stocked with product. According to Marketing Director David Deal, “There is a psychological impact that prompts shoppers to take product when there is an abundance available and near their reach. Conversely, when the shelves are bare, the few items remaining are viewed as rejects or damaged in some way and nobody wants to buy damaged or rejected products.”

“The key to success is doing more to increase the ‘spend’ of the shopper, without compromising the client program. The benefit is two-fold, being that shoppers enjoy getting a deal and our retail partners enjoy greater sales,” says Senior Business Manager John Crowell.

An event cart that is well merchandised with product on and around the cart is the goal. We want to create a visual appeal that is big and bold making the statement that something is happening here, that is what captures the attention of the customer.