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Sales Tips

Make Easter Events a Party on the Sales Floor!

Americans spend $14.6 Billion on Easter related products, which means if you haven’t seen it already, you will be busy engaging those last-minute shoppers. As your shoppers prepare for hosting and attending get-togethers during the holiday, why not consider yourself the ultimate event host? Sales Advisor Mari Hermansky says preparation and execution are equally important to executing your event.

“I always make sure to know if the product is on sale and if so, the sale price versus the regular price. I make sure to know different flavors that the product has, if any, as well as various ways to prepare the product,” Mari says.

Of course, the key to any event or party is being a good host. “I like to be outgoing and friendly and talk to everyone who goes by. I love meeting new people and establishing relationships with the folks who come by week after week. It’s important to not only know your product, but also to always express gratitude whether a customer tastes or not. I want all shoppers to leave feeling good,” Mari tells us.