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Sales Tips

Achieving Best in Class Status with Your Customers

Now that warmer weather is upon us, expect more customers to be out and about picking up items for barbecues, picnics, holiday gatherings and more! This month’s sales tip comes from Nancy Greer of Pennsylvania, who shares with us what it takes to be the best in class and how to make the most of these busy months.

“The best tip I have is to be friendly, outgoing and to have fun with an event! If you are excited, that will be conveyed to the customers and get them interested in
your product,” says Nancy.

In addition to a warm and friendly demeanor, Nancy uses a little humor when the time is right. “Sometimes if someone is trying to sneak past me, I’ll make a little joke. That usually does the trick in getting them to sample the product.”

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so with regular customers, remembering their names seems to go a long way. Keep up with recipes, tips about the product and whether or not it’s on sale. The more information you share, the more likely customers are to put the item in their basket.

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