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Sales Tips

Turn the Heat Up On Your Sales Pitch

We all know it is important to ask our customers questions. This draws them in and makes them feel like you want to know what they look for in a product. This month’s sales tip comes from Bruce Doig of Nashville, Michigan, who shares with us the importance of asking your customers the right questions.

“I make sure to ask an open-ended question,” says Bruce. “I’ll ask a question that causes a customer to talk to you, and not simply reply with yes or no. The customers usually interact with me and talk about what they would do with a product, and this allows me to discuss various ways to use the product.”

The goal is to get the customer to open up to you so you can learn more about what is relevant to them. When you are able to hear what they like or what is important to
them, you can cater your selling techniques to meet their needs.

His final and last piece of advice is to use your summer season events as an opportunity to encourage more grilling!

“So many foods can be grilled including fruits, vegetables and meats,” Bruce tells us. “You don’t need a lot of seasoning and everything tastes great from the grill!”

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