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Back to School & Back to Basics

For many of us back to school means back to basics and that is exactly what we want to share with you in this month’s article. Here is a professional selling checklist to help you cram for that exam.

1. First Impression is Critical!
You never get a second chance to make that first impression! Dress to impress. Make sure your shirt is clean, your shoes are shined and you have a warm smile ready.

2. What Should You Expect?
Expect that everyone is a buyer. Know your product inside and out so the customer can’t live without it.

3. How Should You Greet the Customer?
Start by engaging the customer with facts about the product. Don’t say “Can I help you?” Avoid phrases that can be answered with No. Ask questions to engage and hold their interest.

4. Recommend your specific product with enthusiasm!
Present the product’s unique benefits. If serving food, mention recipe suggestions and easy cooking instructions. Point out what makes your product different and why the customer needs it!

5. Be Direct!
Hit the important points about your product clearly, concisely and immediately. Your customers will appreciate your approach, and they will feel more comfortable about what you have to say.

6. Be Optimistic and Outgoing!
Negativity has no place in sales. Maintaining a positive and engaging attitude when speaking to customers is what produces sales, gets referrals and makes great salespeople stand out from average ones.