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Sales Tips

The theme of this month’s issue is Back to School, which gives us a great opportunity to go back to the classroom for selling 101. Sales Advisor Kathy Olga Zoubareff, of Michigan, breaks down the basics for us.

“First of all, I create a pleasing display using the product I am promoting. I like to stack up my products to make an effective display of the same items,” says Kathy. “I also make sure to have enough items on hand to sell to the customer on the spot, reventing them from having to go look for it in the store.”

Kathy also shares that smiling is a good way to get a customer to notice you. Once you have their attention, make the most of that opportunity and engage in small talk. Make sure you show the customer the value of the product and any key attributes. Lastly, ask for the sale! make sure to say to a customer, “Would you like to take this home with you today? It is on sale today. Here is a coupon you can use!”