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It’s Game Time

As deli has its day and prepared foods take a prominent part in many supermarkets, it’s crucial that you are at peak performance, especially during the busy football and holiday seasons ahead. Whether it’s deli or donuts, you need a warm-up before the game, so we asked some experts for their best advice. Read below to find out what One to One Vice President Shari Robinson and One to One Senior Area Manager Tony Vavlas have to say.

Remember to talk to shoppers, and not at them. Converse with people, ask for their feedback and make them feel comfortable. It is important to break down barriers.

Ask questions. For example, “What are you making for dinner?” This creates an opportunity for our products, by assessing the needs of a consumer, and meeting those needs with the product you are sampling.

Share your own personal recipe ideas. This is sure to create trust between you and the shopper. It makes the shopper feel confident that when they visit an event at any time, on any day, they will receive valuable information as well as the opportunity to try something prior to purchasing.

Reinforce confidence in our customers, and ensure them that they can create the same, delicious results at home. A successful Sales Advisor is able to reassure the shopper that if you can do it in the middle of a grocery store, they too will be able to do it in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Game on!