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Bring Free Standing Inserts to Life

As retailers and brands prepare for the Thanksgiving shopping rush, expect to see more holiday themed promotions and free standing inserts (FSIs). FSIs are the manufacturer coupons you see in the Sunday paper supplement.

Manufacturers’ FSIs are often tied to a national campaign, so by coordinating FSIs with events in-store, Sales Advisors add value to the brands by reinforcing the manufacturers’ message at the point of purchase. Customers who have seen promotions in the newspaper can now experience the products fi rst-hand, increasing their likelihood of purchase.

According to Shari Robinson, Vice President of Interactions, in order to plan ahead for the holiday season, managers should reach out to manufacturers to plan demonstrations that coincide with holiday FSIs.

“Being in constant communication with your top brands will allow you to plan ahead and have in-store events included as part of the brands’ overall holiday marketing plans,” said Shari.

One way managers can take advantage of Thanksgiving promotions is to plan events focused on demonstrating recipes found in FSIs. For example, Meijer grocery stores are hosting a two-day “Taste of Meijer” event this month focused on Thanksgiving meals and entertaining. Several stations will be set up around the store offering tastings of holiday recipes that coincide with the retailer and brand promotions. Customers will receive a recipe book and copies of the promotions so that they can replicate the dishes at home.

According to Dave Prostko, Vice President of Interactions, coupling events like “Taste of Meijer” with FSIs and other promotions has led to an overall base lift in product sales and driven direct margins off the charts. “We give a full experience by engaging consumers, teaching them how to use the product, creating recipes and ultimately showing shoppers how to incorporate the product into their daily lives,” said Dave.