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Giving Thanks

If your house is like mine, this is the time of year that our old family recipe book gets a lot of use. It’s fi lled with family recipes, handed down from generation to generation, to celebrate our autumn bounty while we give thanks for what we’ve received. When I was asked to write about someone who I work with that I am thankful for, it was no easy task. Not because I am not thankful for anyone I work with; quite the opposite, in fact. I realized that I am thankful for EVERYONE that I work with. Just like the ingredients in those tried and true recipes, every on of us contributes to the fi nal product.

So whether your involvement with One to One Interactions is “3 cups” or “just a pinch,” you play a very important role in our recipe for success. Take some time in this season of refl ection and thanks to think about what a great group of folks we work with on a daily basis. We here at OTO are thankful for all of you.

Tony Vavlas
Senior Area Manager