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Giving the Gift of Food


Bye-bye fruitcakes—there’s a new food-gifting trend in town. These days, retailers and shoppers are focusing on more indulgent specialty foods like chocolate truffles, gourmet coffee and imported cheeses. In fact, Package Facts reports that food-gifting is expected to rise to an $11.5 billion business this year. And with such delicious options for every age and palate, who could resist?

Chocolates are by far the most popular food item to give as gift, followed by specialty cheeses, coffee, candy and gourmet cookies. Healthy and natural options, such as dried fruit and locally-made jellies and preserves, are also growing in popularity.

“We see vendors participating in events that showcase multiple products, or split events, throughout the year,” says Connie Hinckle, Vice President of Sales for Interactions. “They find such events to be both cost-effective and valuable in terms of introducing new ways to pair products together or showing consumers how to use products in new and exciting ways.”

According to Packaged Facts, shoppers see specialty foods as a unique, personal and affordable luxury that makes an ideal gift for others (and in some cases, even themselves!). All around the country, supermarkets are capitalizing on the trend by putting out their own displays of specialty foods and gift baskets with everything from fruit and nuts to wine and cheese.