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Happy Holidays from Shari Robinson of One to One Interactions


Dear One to One Sales Advisors,

We’re looking forward to an exciting holiday season here at One to One! We have a wide assortment of delicious holiday treats for you to show and sell to Giant Eagle customers this month.

As our front-line ambassadors, you always do a great job making every event a great event. In the last six months, the average sales on sampled products have increased from about $100 per event last year to almost $200 per event this year. Thank you! That is a fantastic improvement. Our goal for the next six months is to get that up to $250 per event. I know you can do it!

To get started toward reaching that goal and as we gear up for the holidays, we need to make sure that we are doing our best every day to impress. Remember to:

• Smile and greet every customer.
• Set up a neat and attractive cart.
• Taste the item before you start so you can talk about it.
• Smile and be enthusiastic.
• Have a display of product to sell.
• Tray some samples and walk to where the customers are.
• Have fun—and keep smiling!

Let’s make every event not just a great event–but a FANTASTIC event!

Thank you and I wish you a happy holiday season,


Shari Robinson
Vice President