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Happy New Year! A letter from Shari Robinson

Dear One to One Sales Advisors,

I hope you had a joyous and fun-filled holiday with friends and family! The New Year brings new opportunities and new resolutions, and I am very excited about some new improvements we are making this year. Our resolution for OTO in 2013 is to continue to improve our program, both for our team members and for our customers.

One of the first improvements will happen this month. We will be sending tablet computers to all of our stores. These tablets will replace the paper DDERs and DPIS. You will use the tablet to check in and out of your events, take pictures of your events and upload event register receipts. All of the information will then upload via email to the OTO office at the end of each day.

The only paper that will be sent to the stores once we launch the tablets will be a one-page cart sheet that will include a shopping list, a recipe (if needed), a
photo of how the cart should be set up and instructions. It will be your guide to preparing events and your reference to keep at the cart. At the end of the event,
you can simply throw the cart sheet away and check out on the tablet. Nothing to fax!

For our team members, this new system will eliminate missing or lost paperwork, missed hours for payroll and missing receipts. It will also save tons of paper and printing! For our customers, the new system will ensure more complete reporting, faster recaps and the opportunity to add 3 survey questions to each event so we can poll consumers about their products.

I am so excited about these new tablets and the opportunities they will give us to do new things down the road—online training videos, consumer surveys, QR codes for recipes and more. I know this is a big change, and you may be nervous at fi rst about how it will work. I was, too. But when I saw and used it for the fi rst time, I was amazed at how easy it was to use and how fast it is to check in and out—it takes less than 10 seconds. Give it a chance. I really believe you will love using it, especially since you won’t have to wait at customer service to fax the old DDERs anymore!

Your Area Manager will walk you through the new process step-by-step, and we will roll the tablets out to stores over time so that everyone is totally comfortable with them. We will also continue to send out the old paper DDER and DPIS paperwork for a while as a safety net. Be on the lookout for more information to come.

In the meantime, enjoy the New Year, and let’s make every event a GREAT event!

Best regards,