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Educating and Enticing Shoppers with the Perfect Promotion

A Sales Advisor’s job is to engage customers, get them interested in a product and entice them to take the product home.


So what’s the secret to pulling that all together in the one to two minutes you have with each shopper? Sales Advisor Marilyn Adams says it’s all about the right promotion.

When preparing her events, Marilyn tests out the product she’s going to sample and reads all the product packaging so she knows exactly what she’s selling. During the event, Marilyn then shares her knowledge with shoppers, telling them what’s in the product, how delicious it is and how it can benefit them. “I [let] them know that I care about them and want them to have nothing but the best products,” says Marilyn.

Marilyn also emphasizes the importance of paying attention to your visual promotion. She often showcases the wholesome ingredients that are in the product she’s sampling on her event cart. For a recent tomato and asiago potato chip event, she added olive oil, fresh tomatoes and asiago cheese to her cart to entice customers.

Though Marilyn has the advantage of having a degree in marketing, she believes every Sales Advisor can learn the tricks of the trade. “Read everything you can about marketing and selling a product, know your product, and believe in yourself.”