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Nutrition Matters—to Shoppers and Sales

Think January is the biggest month for eating better and exercising more? Think again.


According to U.S. News and World Report, March ranks above January for gym visits—and, thanks to National Nutrition Month, is also a big month for focusing on healthy eating. This year’s theme—“Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day”—encourages people to eat healthy without making any foods “off-limits.” Ethan A. Bergman, President of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, recently noted in a press release, “There can be a misperception that eating healthfully means giving up your favorite foods…. [But we encourage] consumers to include the foods they love as part of a healthful eating plan that is tailored for their lifestyles, traditions… [and] tastes.”

Focusing on this theme during in-store product demonstrations can be a great way to capitalize on the healthy nutrition trend. No matter what product you’re sampling, you have a golden opportunity to show shoppers how to incorporate both old and new favorites into an overall healthy diet. For example, when sampling a higher-fat food, such as corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day, show how it can be paired with healthy, lower-fat companions, such as cabbage and carrots. Or talk about how a healthier product you’re sampling, such as light yogurt, can help control calorie, fat and sugar intake.

Even desserts can be incorporated into a healthy diet. For example, show shoppers that reasonable portion sizes, such as those that you sample, can still satisfy a sweet-tooth without breaking the calorie bank. Or help shoppers learn to “healthify” old favorites, such as using applesauce in place of oil in a brownie mix you’re sampling.

While National Nutrition Month ends on March 31, focusing on good nutrition can help boost sales throughout the year. With a survey from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reporting that over two-thirds of Americans rate diet and nutrition as very important to them, and nearly half actively seek out information on good nutrition, healthy eating is sure to remain a popular topic—and a top selling point—for a long time to come.