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Making the Most of the In-Store Experience

apr-13-making-mostIn this month’s issue of Retail News Insider, our team takes a look at a major issue affecting brick-and-mortar retailers today—showrooming. When shoppers visit a store to see a product, but then leave empty-handed only to purchase that product online, we can take that as an opportunity to better serve our retailers and shoppers by elevating the in-store experience. This is something our Sales Advisors are already helping retailers do when they run in-store events.  But the rise of showrooming is also sign that we all need to continually work to learn as much as we can about products and improve our interactions with customers. To help our Sales Advisors do just that, we’ve got some great “Tips from the Field” on creating a personalized sales pitch.

This month’s “Essentials to Engagement” article also gives tips on learning more about products and sharing that knowledge with customers. While the article focuses on capitalizing on eco-friendly trends for Earth Day, which is coming up later this month, the tips about reading labels and looking for buzzwords applies to any trend shoppers are looking to learn more about.

Be sure to check out the back cover, too, for a look at retail industry headlines from around the globe, our always interesting “By the Numbers” feature and a strawberry and spinach salad recipe that not only tastes great, but is also good for you.

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