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Personalizing Your Sales Pitch

apr-13-front-lines-imgThough some things—like a warm smile and a welcoming invite—are universal ways to engage shoppers, targeting your sales pitch can take you to the next level of success. This month, Sales Advisor Carolyn Adams gives us her tips for tailoring your message to individual consumers’ needs.

One of Carolyn’s first tips is to respect your customer. “When you make eye contact with someone, you can tell if they’re interested in talking or if they need to get in, get what they need and get out,” says Carolyn. “With people who are clearly busy, you can’t take too long with your sales pitch.” To stay brief, Carolyn suggests pointing out just a couple of things you think are most important, such as if the product is easy to prepare or on sale.

Carolyn also highlights the importance of being sensitive and accommodating to shoppers’ dietary needs. “A lot of our older shoppers are very label conscious [due to health concerns],” she says. “I try to be aware of that and sensitive to it. For example, if they say something has too much sodium, I talk to them about having smaller portions or making it a treat once in a while, not an everyday food.”