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Secrets from a Top Seller

may-13--front-lines-imgThis month, we ask Beth Sandy from Columbus, OH, who was a leader in average-sales-per-event in 2012, about her secrets for turning samples into sales.

“I take the time [to talk to each shopper],” says Beth. “If there’s a long line, I don’t push anyone away or hurry them along. But I don’t repeat the same thing over and over, either. If you do that when there’s a line, people will have heard [your sales pitch] by the time they get to your cart… so they’re more likely to just take a sample and walk away. I try to make more of conversation. I ask each shopper questions, like ‘what do you normally buy?’”

Beth says it’s also important to be persistent—but not pushy. “If they aren’t sure if they like it, I offer another sample. I talk about how good a product is. If they say it’s too expensive, I say treat yourself. And they respond to that. It’s really all about smiling, being nice and understanding people.”

Having product on hand for shoppers to easily add to their carts is also key. “I also always stand as close to the merchandise as I can get… [and] have merchandise on my cart so [shoppers] can purchase it,” adds Beth. “If there’s not room, I keep it underneath my cart [and hand it to them] if they’re interested.”