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Grilling Up Sales


Now that summer has officially arrived, grilling season is in full swing. People of all ages, cooks and non-cooks alike, love to get outside and grill. As recent events at Weis, Giant Eagle and Meijer featuring everything from salmon to shrimp to turkey burgers have shown, the classic BBQ fare of hamburgers and hot dogs is only the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re involved in one of the many special grilling events retailers are running this summer or hosting a regular in-store event, educating shoppers on the benefits of grilling—and the wide range of foods that can be grilled—can help you capitalize on one of America’s favorite summertime activities.

Another way to “go green”

Almost everyone is looking for ways to save money and energy these days. Grilling can help shoppers do both. By cooking outside in the summertime, shoppers can keep extra heat from the oven or stove from building up in their homes, which means less electricity spent on running fans or air conditioning. Grilling foods also often uses fewer dishes and pans, which means less water, soap and time spent on clean up.

Limitless variety

From chicken, pork and seafood to fruit, vegetables and bread, the grill can do it all! This means a lot of the products you sample could have a grill tie-in. For example, if you’re selling salad dressing, encourage shoppers to try it over grilled zucchini, tomatoes and squash. Have pepperoni on your event cart? Suggest a grilled pizza; just line the grill with foil and voilà—instant pizza oven. All kinds of dressings, sauces and even juices make great marinades, and firm fruits like peaches, pineapple and bananas turn into delicious summertime desserts with a little heat from the grill. The only limit is your imagination!

Are you a master of the grill?

Send your favorite summertime BBQ recipe to us at and it could be featured in next month’s Retail News Insider.