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Leading Tips from a Lead Sales Advisor

aug-13-img-frontWith 25 years of experience in retail and 7 as an Interactions Sales Advisor/Lead Sales Advisor, Linda Scott of Ann Arbor, MI, has mastered the art of engaging customers. One of her top tips is to pay careful attention to how to open your conversations with customers. “Never ask a question that requires a yes or no answer,” says Linda. “You want to start with a question that they have to answer [in detail]. Then you can ask another question. [Yes or no questions] cut the conversation off.”

“[Keep in mind that] sometimes customers are preconditioned to say no,” she adds. Instead of giving up right away, “try to make it clear that [you’re] there to offer them something they haven’t had—or haven’t had in a while… Remind them that products can change [and may] taste better with new formulations.”

Providing top quality customer service—even when a customer doesn’t want to try or buy your product—is also important. “I’m there to help the customer,” says Linda. “In addition to offering them what I have, I also direct them to other [sampling] stations—telling them what else we have. I also try to make sure they have found everything that’s on their list. And I always keep a smile on my face—if you’re smiling, the people around you are going to be smiling, too.” Providing the highest level of service like this is key to representing your retailer and yourself in the best possible light—and increases the likelihood of future sales.