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Leading for Continued Success

When Meijer shoppers leave event stations, our Trusted Advisors can’t tell them whether it was a good experience or not—that decision is made by the customer. Every single customer interaction is unique in its own way. At Elite Marketing Interactions, we continue to work to ensure that our associates are given the necessary tools and consistent leadership to engage Meijer shoppers effectively and successfully interact with each one of them.

A well-prepared Trusted Advisor is a confident Trusted Advisor, which is the first step in effective engagement. That’s why our associates receive training on the entire process of engaging customers, rather than simply having each of their individual efforts managed. We strive to not only manage day-to-day tactical issues, but also to provide our Trusted Advisors with a strategic vision for success.

As we approach the end of the summer season, we have many programs that provide perfect examples of the preparation and vision needed for our associates to execute successful events:

  • The Meijer Back-to-College platform is one of the most challenging and detail-oriented programs that our Trusted Advisors execute each year, due to the high volume of customer traffic and the promotional efforts that Meijer puts into the program. We will lead our Trusted Advisors through these events by making them well aware of any challenges they may face, but also encouraging them to enjoy executing these unique events, which are sure to result in memorable experiences.
  • Our series of tailgating-themed events is another example of an upcoming program that requires in-depth leadership. Making sure that our team is fully aware of the distinctive goals related to these events is essential in order to ensure customers make the connection between featured products and recipes and how they prepare for their favorite football games. Our Trusted Advisors will certainly maintain the focus of increasing event day sales, but equally as important, they will create the image in Meijer customers’ minds that in order to enjoy their tailgating experience, they need to use whichever products are being featured at the event stations.

No matter what event is being executed, Elite Marketing Interactions’ Trusted Advisors can achieve great results. We recognize that continual improvement is achieved through our associates’ efforts, and the effective execution of events is the most important step towards continued success. Remember, it all begins with the opening engagement with the customer, a smile and a “Welcome to Meijer”—and then closing the sale to create results.