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Enhancing the Consumer Experience

With our Market Watch feature this month, we start a new “TechBuzz” series that will explore how cutting-edge mobile, near field communication, facial recognition and other technologies can help retailers begin to redefine the traditional brick-and-mortar experience. This month’s article looks into the growing field of digital checkout technologies, which represent an exciting new arena for retailers and shoppers alike. As I read the article, I was struck by the similarities in what these technologies are trying to achieve and our own goals here at Interactions: it’s all about enhancing the consumer experience. And like retailers who are looking to evolve the shopping experience with digital checkout options, we are also working on strategies to evolve the event experience. We recognize that to stay competitive in today’s market, retailers and brands have to keep “taking it up a notch”—and we’re constantly working to do all we can to support that.

enhancing-imgThe theme of taking it up a notch continues with this month’s “Essentials to Engagement” feature, which looks at how Sales Advisors can step up their game to capitalize on football fans’ excitement about the start of the season—and for tailgating and parties, which make up a $35 billion market.

Also in this month’s issue, we get advice from a 30-year in-store event veteran on engaging customers and staying motivated over the long term, and we take a look at trends and headlines that are affecting the retail industry around the globe.

As always, be sure to check out the back cover for our “By the Numbers” feature and this month’s “Taste of the Season”—an easy chili recipe that’s great for those cooler nights that have started creeping in around many areas of the country.

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Jeff Engel
Senior Vice President

The U.S. Retail Team