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Boosting Sales by Boosting Customer Confidence


Sales Advisor Carol Batis

It’s no secret that shoppers can be intimidated by ingredients outside their comfort zone or by preparations that seem too complex. This month, Sales Advisor and Seafood Specialist Carol Batis shares her tricks for overcoming that apprehension—and boosting sales.

“My keys to success as a Sales Advisor include my love for food, my love of people and my ability to instill the confidence in my customers that they, too, can easily prepare my recipes,” says Carol. “For example, I teach moms how to buy seafood and incorporate it in their dishes so they stay within their budget and allow their family to acquire the taste. Also, a lot of older folks don’t like to cook anymore, but I find if you show them how to make it ‘easy’—they will!”

Carol also believes technology can play an important role in giving customers the confidence to try new products and recipes. “Using the in-store tablets, I like to photograph my preparation for each seafood dish. Then I can show my customers what it should look like before and after… and help answer other questions they have about recreating a dish at home.”

Customers often follow suit by taking their own photographs, adds Carol. “Even though I always offer a recipe, they often take a picture of my cart with their phones because I display every ingredient. It helps make their shopping and cooking easier.” And that’s a sure ticket to success!