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From the HR Team: Workday Wednesdays

nov13-workdayTips from your HR team to make Workday work for you

Workday is an important part of Interactions – but only if you use it. We recommend taking time every Wednesday to clean out and update your Workday Workfeeds.

Here are a few items for you to look over in Workday every Wednesday:

  • How many items are in your Workfeed? Be sure to clean out your Workfeed and take this time to look over all your outstanding items and either respond or process appropriately.
    Remember, an empty Workfeed, is a happy Workfeed! Don’t forget to check your filters to ensure you are looking at Active Actions.
  • Are all the members under your My Team icon active? Have you completed all of their onboarding, especially their I-9 forms? Check the associate’s Worker History to see if onboarding is marked as Successfully Completed.
  • Is your personal information up to date and correct?

If any of your Associates need assistance logging in to Workday, contact the Global Tech Support Team for assistance at

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