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Giving Thanks for Your Customers

nov13-essential-imgWith Thanksgiving just a few weeks away and the official holiday shopping season starting the very next day (or even late Thanksgiving night!), it’s the start of a very busy time in the retail world. There will be lots of promotions for Sales Advisors to play up on to capture customers’ attention and boost sales, but this month is also a good time to reinforce our gratitude for the customers we engage and the retailers we work with every day.

Quality customer service is becoming ever more important in the retail industry as competition increases for consumers’ hard earned dollars. Sales Advisors are in the perfect position to not only deliver superior service during every interaction, but also to develop a rapport with customers that keeps them coming back for more.

One of the simplest ways you can do this as a Sales Advisor is to thank each and every customer you talk with—whether they sample or buy your product or not. Being polite and offering your sincere thanks makes customers feel valued. In turn, this makes it more likely they will come back to your station in the future to see if you have something they may be interested in.

Another good strategy for showing your appreciation for and interest in your customers is making an effort to engage in meaningful conversations. Go beyond the simple “how are you doing today” and show customers you are interested in them as individuals. For example, ask about their Thanksgiving plans or favorite holiday treats. Or, for parents with children in tow, talk to and ask about their little ones.

To further strengthen your connection, try to remember and comment on these details for regular customers you see week after week. This can help your customers come to see you as a friend and your product recommendations as personalized, trusted advice.

All of this not only helps you develop an ongoing, positive relationship with customers, it also helps create loyal customers for our retail partners. And when our retail partners succeed, we succeed!