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Thank You for Your Feedback!

shari-robinsonWith each issue of Retail News Insider, it’s our goal to engage and educate you, our valued readers, on everything from the latest trends in mobile marketing to front-line sales tips to recipe ideas you can share with your families and your customers. To help us reach that goal, we sent out a brief survey to our readers in September to see where we’re doing well, what features you enjoy most and where we still have room to improve. This month, I’d like to share with you what we found.

To start, I was pleased to see that 79 percent of you are either satisfied or very satisfied with the publication. I was also very happy to see that 77 percent of you feel Retail News Insider strengthens your connection to the company and the same number of you either agree or strongly agree it has improved your awareness of retail trends and best practices.

nov13-graph-OTOThere were some areas, however, where the results showed greater room for improvement. For example, while 74 percent of you agreed the publication contains information relevant to your position, only 57 percent of you reported having put one of the sales tips included in the publication into practice—or encouraged your team to do so. As you might expect, we’d like to see a more positive trend to this latter number.

When it comes to our articles, the good news is that more than 95 percent of you rated the majority of the regular features, including these monthly letters (thank you!) and our “Essentials to Engagement” and “From the Front Lines” articles, as being important or very important. The “Market Watch” and “Taste of the Season” articles also ranked high, with over 85 percent of you stating they were of at least moderate importance. The only feature a significant portion (19 percent) of you stated was of little or no importance was our back-page “Global Industry News.”

I want you to know that our team is taking these results and your individual suggestions for improvements under careful consideration. As we do so, we’d like to get more feedback on the topics you would most like to see added to next year’s Retail News Insider. We received a variety of suggestions in response to the initial survey, but many fell into three main categories: expanded company news, professional development and international stories. Of these three, we’d love to hear what piques your interest the most. Please click here to vote now—and make your voice count!

Thank you again for participating in this survey and for providing such valuable feedback. If you have any further comments or feedback, please feel free to email

Have a great month and a very Happy Thanksgiving!



Shari Robinson
Vice President