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Spreading Excitement—and Ideas—Throughout the Year


Sales Advisor
David Jordan

It’s true that events take on a different feel during this time of year. But many holiday selling strategies can actually teach us a lot about successful selling throughout the year. This month, five-year veteran Sales Advisor David Jordan gives us his tips for the holiday season—and beyond.

“One thing I really focus on is bringing a sense of excitement to my events,” says David. “If you’re feeling happy and excited, you get pumped up about your product—and that feeling passes along to customer. When we have special products vendors are promoting for the holidays, I try to engage customers about what they’re making or who they’re spending time with. Even if it’s little stuff, they see you’re upbeat and encouraging, and that makes them feel good.”

Sharing a variety of ideas for using products is also a great way to help boost sales, says David. “A lot of people come into the store and they’re not even thinking about your product. But if you give them ideas on how to use it—whether it’s putting together a quick meal at the end of a busy day or adding a little twist to their holiday celebration—they really get into it.”

And when it comes to dealing with holiday crowds or long lines at your cart, “stay focused on your task, and take one customer at a time,” says David. “Try to put the big crowd out of your mind so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Keep focused on your product, keep your key selling points going and you’ll do fine.”