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Bringing Out the Benefits

jan14-front-imgMany have identified Millennials (consumers in their teens through early 30s) as the “me” generation, always looking for what benefits them personally in a particular situation. But when it comes to shopping, consumers of all generations look for the “what’s in it for me” reason to buy any new product. According to Sales Advisor Roberta Brunson, recognizing shoppers’ needs and wants can help you highlight just the right details to encourage sales.

“The sales come easily if you can give the customers a benefit to purchasing the product,” says Roberta. “And by talking with them, you can determine what might make the product most attractive to each customer.”

Roberta adds that there are often some common themes in what certain consumers are looking for. For example, “college kids are usually very well informed and like simple preparation tips. Busy moms often like the preparation tips plus ideas to save money and time as they are juggling many duties. They like products the kids will enjoy and that are nutritional as well. Older adults seem to want cost saving ideas as well as ease of preparation.” Telling shoppers about the selling points of your product that relate to these areas can help them clearly see the personal benefit of purchasing the product.

Don’t forget about perks beyond the basic selling points, too, says Roberta. “Shoppers are always interested in suggestions for using the product, whether it’s food or another item. Most vendors have websites where the shoppers can get recipes and other tips. I always tell shoppers about those sites. They appreciate knowing where to search.”