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Meijer Interactive Marketing Experts: Great Places to Work

Elite Marketing Interactions is committed to making our organization a great place to work for every employee. In doing so, we believe that we can not only better serve our associates, but also drive success for the company as a whole.

We believe that effective communication is the basis for developing an overall great place to work for every employee.  While communication amongst specific departments has always taken place, we felt it was important to foster greater communication throughout the organization. As a result, we’ve implemented a monthly conference call involving every full-time employee. These calls are designed to be informative, but also fun. During them, management highlights new employees, upcoming birthdays, employment anniversaries and exciting upcoming events, and answers any questions that employees may have.

Additional initiatives include:

  • creating a “Great Places to Work” team
  • scheduling all-staff meetings and team building processes
  • pairing office and field employees to better understand specific roles
  • coordinating “social hours” for both office staff and field employees
  • developing a more extensive break room and amenities.

We at EMI value and have boundless respect for every one of our employees, and we recognize the importance for providing a great place to work. This is a never ending process that can always be further developed—and we take pride as a company in our ability to do so.

Best regards,

G. Thomas Slater
Vice President