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Taking Romance Beyond Roses

feb14-essentials-coverWhen you think of Valentine’s Day, red roses, heart-shaped chocolates and shiny jewelry may come to mind. As the second biggest gift-giving holiday after Christmas, it’s true that some shoppers do focus on romantic presents for their loved ones; however, many also turn their sights toward more practical and non-traditional gifts. Perhaps owing in part to this, grocery stores have become a popular destination for Valentine’s Day shoppers, especially last-minute ones, leaving Sales Advisors in a unique position to offer up gift ideas that take romance beyond roses.

A home-cooked meal can be a great way to say “I love you.” Encourage shoppers to incorporate the foods you’re sampling into a special breakfast or dinner for their significant others. For example, if you’re demonstrating frozen waffles, suggest serving them with strawberries or raspberries for a delicious and fitting Valentine’s Day breakfast. Or if you have a rice or pasta mix on your cart, suggest ways to incorporate it into a larger Valentine’s-themed dinner. Bonus points for guiding shoppers to the aisle where candles are sold!

Candle-lit dinners aren’t the only romantic meal option. If you’re sampling more appetizer-like foods, such as cheese or fresh bakery bread, suggest shoppers put together a picnic for their special someone. Add some sliced salami or prosciutto, a bottle of wine and a little something sweet from the bakery and shoppers will have an instant romantic meal ready to go.

Even items you would never think to call “romantic” can become thoughtful gift ideas with a little creativity. For example, if you’re demonstrating laundry detergent or dish soap, suggest shoppers pair the item with a homemade coupon good for a week of doing the laundry or dishes. If you have a health or beauty care item on your cart, suggest putting together a gift basket by adding other items found in the store. For example, vitamins could be paired with energy bars and protein shakes for a unique “gym lover’s” gift basket. Thinking beyond the event cart in ways like this can help you engage shoppers—and boost sales and loyalty.