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Editor’s Corner: Practicing What We Preach

kelly-shortOver the last year, Retail News Insider has covered a variety of technology-related topics based on the fact that technology will have a significant role to play in the future of our business and retail as a whole. In line with that, we have worked to step up our own “digital game” with this newsletter by redesigning our layout and revamping our website to be more engaging and interactive. As proof that our efforts are paying off, Retail News Insider was just awarded a Gold Award from AVA Digital Awards.

The AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that seeks to recognize those who embrace the digital evolution of communication. We’re honored to have received this award, and appreciate all of the feedback and support from you, our valued readers, that has encouraged us to continually strive to improve over the years.

The theme of continuous improvement also carries throughout this month’s issue. In the Market Watch feature, we discuss some of the changes retail leaders will need to make to capitalize on the growing trend of wearable technology. And in this month’s From the Front Lines, we look at how Sales Advisors can adapt their tactics to draw in shoppers whose attention is elsewhere. From the boardroom to the sales floor, each of has a role to play in meeting shoppers’ ever-evolving wants and needs. I hope this month’s issue will inspire you to find even more new ways to do just that.

All the best,

Kelly Short