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Prepared, Proud and Persistent—Three Keys to Selling Success

Katrina Parker Event Coordinator

Katrina Parker
Event Coordinator

As a former Sales and Lead Advisor, Event Coordinator Katrina Parker knows a thing or two about successful selling. In her new role, she also helps plan events and train other Sales Advisors—giving her a unique perspective on the overall front line team experience. This month, she shares some of her tips for ensuring professional success and personal satisfaction as a Sales Advisor.

“Making sure you have the right presentation and equipment is one of the main keys to success,” says Katrina. Each time you prepare for an event, make sure your cart is well-stocked with all of the items you’ll need, as well as plenty of product to showcase for shoppers. If you don’t have something you need, be sure to tell your Lead Advisor or manager. It’s his or her goal to help you succeed as well.

“It’s important to take on a sense of ownership over the product, too,” adds Katrina. Think of it as if you were the vendor making the product. Be proud of the item you’re sharing and show your excitement for it with shoppers. Help them learn all they can about it.

Also, keep in mind that despite your best efforts, not every day will bring record-setting sales.

“Don’t be discouraged when you have days where it feels like you are not selling any product,” says Katrina. “Keep doing your best and your presentation will encourage people to come back to purchase in the future.”