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Set Sales Sizzling with Summer Grilling

july2014-essential-imgSummer is in full swing and that means grills across America are firing up for everything from easy weeknight dinners and casual barbeques to gourmet meals and 4th of July parties. With 80 percent of American households owning a grill, you could argue that grilling trumps baseball as America’s true favorite pastime. Whether you’re hosting a regular in-store demonstration or participating in one of the special events retailers will be running over the next couple of months, grilling is the perfect theme for Sales Advisors to get consumers excited about—and get them filling up their baskets with product—this summer.

When it comes to grilling, the first things many people think of are steaks, burgers and chicken. But those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to items that shine on the grill. Whole chickens, roasts and shrimp wrapped in foil or threaded on skewers do great on the grill, as do hearty vegetables like whole ears of corn, peppers, asparagus and zucchini. Don’t have a “main attraction” on your cart? Remember that these items need more than just flame for flavor—marinating foods in salad dressing, mustard, barbeque sauce or other condiments can truly make the meal mouth-watering.

But grilling doesn’t have to be all about the savory. Mention how the ice cream, yogurt or whipped topping you’re sampling would go great with grilled bananas, watermelon or cantaloupe. Or suggest getting creative with the granola bars on your cart by adding marshmallows and chocolate and turning it into a grilled s’more.

Of course, no barbeque, big or small, would be complete without the right accompaniments. Offer recipe ideas for side dishes that use the products you’re sampling—such as zippy coleslaw that uses relish or flavored vinegar or baked beans that get an extra kick from some spicy salsa. You can also remind shoppers that store-bought beverages can be turned into something even more special—whether it’s a sherbet punch for the whole family or a spiked ice tea just for the grown-ups.