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Beyond the Backpack—Stocking Up for Back-to-School

Though it seems like summer just started, back-to-school season is upon us—with some schools having even started classes already! Not every student looks forward to heading back into the classroom, but back-to-school season is a great time for retailers. Each year, families in the U.S. spend over $26 billion on back-to-school shopping. When you add in back-to-college shopping, that rises to over $75 billion, according to the National Retail Federation. Those families are looking for a lot more than pencils and notebooks as they prepare to send their children back to the classroom—which is where you come in as a Sales Advisor.

Not only does heading back to school mean schedule changes for children—it also means more time crunches for parents and families as a whole. As a result, easy weeknight dinners will be top of mind for many shoppers this month. Look for ways to incorporate the items on your cart into simple meal ideas. For example, if you have frozen meatballs, suggest putting them in a slow cooker with cream of mushroom soup and serving over rice for an easy “semi-homemade” meal. Or share recipes to incorporate ingredients like soup, salsa, bread crumbs, canned chicken or packets of tuna into make-ahead casseroles.

Of course, school lunches will also be a major focus for parents and children. Juice boxes, crackers, pretzels and granola bars are all a natural fit. But things like tortillas, pita bread, cream cheese and hummus can work, too. Parents can spread cream cheese on tortillas and top with crunchy veggies for a fun roll-up sandwich. And kids love dipping cut-up triangles of pita bread into a tasty and protein-packed hummus dip.

Don’t let parents forget about their big kids, either. Stocking college students up with supplies like paper plates and towels, bottled water and juice, and easy meals and snacks (think rice mixes, soups, cereal and protein bars) can help make sure they have fewer excuses not to stay in their rooms at night and study!