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The Science of Successful Selling


Brian Fitzpatrick
Sales Advisor


Though he wasn’t sure how easy it would be when he first started as a Sales Advisor, today Brian Fitzpatrick has events down to a science. Here are his tips for making selling simple and fun.

“First you have to learn as much about the product as you can—how much it is, what’s in it and what’s special about it,” says Brian. “I get a lot of my selling points by reading right off the box. For example, people like to know if a product is gluten-free or low in fat, and how many calories it has it. They also want to hear if there are any coupons.”

“Another big thing is to have a lot of product on your cart,” he continues. “People will take it from you right there. And once you get the product into people’s hands, they’re more likely to buy.”

Brian also stresses the importance of a professional appearance. “Keep the scene clean,” he says. “Your cart and uniform should always be clean, and you should make an effort to look sharp.”

Last but not least, Brian reminds all of us to show our enthusiasm. “I think part of what makes me successful is that I like meeting new people and talking with them. They can tell that I enjoy my job and that I’m having fun—and that helps get them to come over to my cart.”