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Selling Secrets from a 40-Year Veteran


Antoinette Rini
Lead Sales Advisor

Antoinette Rini has worked in retail demonstration for 40 years—nearly 15 of which have been as an Interactions Sales Advisor and Lead. So it goes without saying that she’s learned a thing or two about successful selling in that time. This month, we asked her to share some of her best tips.

“First you have to like what you do,” says Antoinette. “You have to like talking with customers. That’s how you sell. You have to approach customers with a friendly smile and greet them to get them to come over.”

Once they get to your cart, Antoinette says to focus on the positives of your product. “When I read the package, I ask myself what are the best selling points. Sometimes it’s a really good price, but if it’s too high, I just don’t mention it. Instead I focus on it being low-fat or gluten-free or whatever it is.”

To help draw in customers who might be intimidated by cooking, Antoinette says, “I tell my customers cooking should be fun. I always give them recipes. I explain to them what to do and show them that it’s simple. I also tell them how they can put their own spin on it.”

When asked about surviving the holiday rush, “keep it simple,” advises Antoinette—for yourself and your shoppers. “Cook simple food. A lot of people don’t want to be bothered making big meals during the holiday season. I try to make it easy for them to make good food.”