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Get Shoppers Ready for Game Day!

jan2015-essential-coverThe biggest day of the year for football fans and snack-food lovers alike is right around the corner. This year, Super Bowl Sunday falls on February 1st. Whether shoppers are regular game watchers or not, chances are pretty good they’ll be watching this game—and planning a menu around it. According to the National Retail Federation, over 180 million Americans watch the Super Bowl each year and spend $12 billion on related products—mostly food and beverages. As a Sales Advisor, it’s the perfect time to jump in the game and score some winning sales numbers as you help shoppers prepare.

Some items that come across your cart this month will naturally lend themselves to Super Bowl promotions. Think chips, dips, sodas, frozen appetizers, baked goods and other snack foods. But don’t expect shoppers to instantly make the connection on their own—especially if you’re more than a week away from the game. Instead, point out how the product could make a great item to stock up on for their Super Bowl party plans.

If a product is specially packaged for the event, be sure to highlight that on your cart. Keep footballs, NFL logos and team names facing forward. And place enough of the product on your cart that it catches shoppers’ attention from far away.

With a little extra creativity, you can even use items that may not have an obvious connection to sports or the Super Bowl to your advantage this month. For example, if you’re working a seafood event, suggest making a crab or shrimp dip by combining your product with cream cheese and a little mayo. Or show shoppers the convenience of using the ready-to-eat meals on your cart to put together a sampler platter or sandwich tray in minutes.

If a product really stumps you, try asking your team members if they have any ideas. And share any thoughts you may have for their items. Remember, whether it’s the sales floor or the Super Bowl, teamwork will take you far!