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Meeting the Challenge of the Sale


Sandy Haddad
Lead Advisor

Lead Advisor Sandy Haddad enjoys a challenge—from getting shoppers to try an unfamiliar product to meeting the high sales goals she sets for herself. This month, we share her advice for overcoming common selling challenges and staying motivated.

“My number one technique is to treat the shopper as I would like to be treated myself,” Sandy says. “Being friendly, attentive and polite goes a long way! I smile all the time while I’m on the sales floor. Whether I’m walking through the store or at my cart, I greet everyone, even those shoppers that ‘fly by.’ I make eye contact and speak to every shopper like I really care that they’ve come shopping today.”

When it comes to selling items that aren’t as well known, Sandy says the key is to “quickly come up with a persuasive reason for shoppers to purchase the product. I listen carefully to shoppers; they will let you know whether they really mean ‘no’ or if you need to ask again in another way to get the sale. I sometimes will give them a personal testimony of using the product myself. This usually gets them to at least try the product.”

Sandy also brings goal-setting into her strategy for staying motivated to make every day a great sales day. “I set goals for how much of each product I’ll sell, such as certain amount or even all of the product off the shelf. If there is still product left, then I need to keep selling! I make it a personal competition.”