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Editor’s Corner: Following the Trends


In the five years Retail News Insider has been in production, we’ve covered a lot of up-and-coming trends. Some have become part of the mainstream, some have fallen flat and some, it turns out, we had to wait just a little longer to see them really take off. That’s what seems to be the case with mobile wallets, which we’re covering again in this month’s Market Watch feature.

We first reported on mobile wallets back in 2013, predicting they would be one way retailers would evolve their checkout systems. But they haven’t gained a lot of traction—until now. In our latest feature, we give you a roundup of what mobile wallets are out there now, what’s on the horizon—and how retailers can keep up.

Speaking of evolving trends, we also take a look this month at consumers’ growing thirst for nutrition knowledge and how Sales Advisors can help shoppers make healthy choices right on the sales floor. We also dive into the coconut trend to find out whether there are real benefits to be had from all the waters, oils and other coconut products out there—or if it’s all hype.

I hope you find these features and all of the other articles we’ve put together for you in this issue both informative and enjoyable.

All the best,

Kelly Short