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Executive Perspectives: From the President


Brett Barcelona

Brett Barcelona, President and General Manager Retail Services

Accountability in Action

We all spend time at the beginning of each year defining the results we need to achieve in the year ahead. Those goals and related action plans, if executed successfully, ultimately lead to the realization of the strategy we are pursuing. We are well into 2015, and it is up to each one of us to take the lead and be accountable to achieving those results that we have defined for ourselves.

I suspect that you have taken significant time to plan and strategize on what you need to do to achieve your goals this year and create success for yourself and your team. To successfully achieve any plan, I would tell you that there are three keys to achieving results:

  • Precise execution of the plan
  • Discipline around detailed/comprehensive follow-up
  • The ability to overcome challenges by eliminating roadblocks and creating alignment

It’s going to take discipline and regular monitoring of your progress every day, every month, and every quarter to ensure you are meeting your goals and budget. It’s going to take asking yourself what you are doing to get ahead, and if you are behind, what is it going to take to solve that immediately? I believe that asking for help is a sign of intelligence. Open Up—ask coworkers or business partners for help and guidance if you are stuck or need assistance solving a problem. Whether you are an associate or a valued business partner, know that we are all in this together.

If you are one of our business partners—our teams are here to help achieve your goals. What else can we do to ensure that you have one (or more!) in the “win column” when the calendar flips to December?

If you are an associate, I encourage you to tie your actions every day to the goals of the company. Ultimately, your goals are building to deliver on the goals of your team, which in turn help deliver the success of our business unit and contribute to the success of the company as a whole. Seeing how you contribute is called “line of sight.” Consider how what you do every day contributes positively to the financial health of the organization. How can you help make this a great place to work? What else can you do to help us reach our Key Results? Do you know what your partners’ goals are and are you working together to help achieve them?

I look forward to helping you achieve your results in 2015.

Brett Barcelona
President and General Manager Retail Services