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Go Ahead—Have Some Fun with It!

Eugenia “Nia” Zimmer Supervisor/Lead Advisor

Eugenia “Nia” Zimmer
Supervisor/Lead Advisor

Supervisor/Lead Advisor Nia Zimmer is the self-proclaimed “Singing Sample Lady,” which perfectly captures her light, fun—and highly successful—approach to demonstration events.

“I always tell my crew to keep it light and be willing to joke with shoppers,” says Nia. “Don’t be afraid to speak out and encourage people to give what you’re sampling a try. The worst thing they can say is no. That’s OK. They’re not saying no to you. They’re just saying no to the food or whatever other item you have. Maybe they’ll find something they like next time.”

Keeping shoppers coming back week after week is another one of Nia’s secrets to success. “I like researching products and recipes and sharing ideas with customers,” she says. “I try to give them two or three different ways to use the product and any leftovers, too. Because I’m always giving them ideas and suggestions for alternatives, I make a reason for them to come back and see me.”

Of course, it’s not all play and no work, says Nia. “I’m also big on clean, clean, clean. Look at the front of your cart and make sure it looks clean and makes sense. Make sure you have product there to sell off of your cart, or are close by to it so the customer knows where it is when you’re not around. Our carts have wheels for a reason. Don’t be afraid to ‘rearrange the furniture’ a little if you need to.”