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Editor’s Corner: When Virtual Meets Reality


From augmented reality to digital wallets to in-store tracking, we’ve talked about the increasing number of cross-connections between the virtual and physical retail worlds many times before. A lot of the focus has been on how brick-and-mortar retailers can catch up and compete with newer e-commerce technologies. But as you’ll see in this month’s Market Watch story, the cross-connections go both ways—and online retailers are now looking to benefit from brick-and-mortar retailers’ strengths by setting up shop right in their stores.

Considering how much has been made about the detrimental impact of e-commerce on traditional retail, this is a somewhat surprising trend. But as it turns out, it’s one that can have significant benefits for online and offline retailers alike.

In this issue we also explore the influence of social media on international consumers. From Qzone to Weibo to  QQ—the new language of social media is one worth learning.

Also in this issue, our front-line Sales Advisors discuss the importance of building relationships with shoppers to positively affect the experience as well as bottom line results.

Finally, in celebration of National Beer Day on April 7 (hint: check out this month’s Knowledge Portal story), I’d like to raise a glass to the entire Retail News Insider team. It’s because of their time and talent each day that Retail News was just awarded a Platinum Award from the AVA Digital Awards. This international competition honored the best of the best and they truly are an incredible group of professionals who I am lucky enough to work with each day.

All the best,

Kelly Short