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Knowledge Portal: Instant In-Store Feedback—Impacting the Consumer Experience When and Where It Matters Most

may2015-knowledge-pic1If there’s one truth in retail, it’s that the customer is king. If you aren’t in tune with how your customers perceive your store and what experiences they’re having—you can’t win. Interactions’ new instant in-store feedback solution gives retailers the tools they need to capture consumer feedback when its top-of-mind, evaluate reactions in real-time using cutting-edge analytics and ultimately gain insights into improving the in-store experience.

This latest insights solution is a thoughtful collaboration between Interactions, its parent company Daymon Worldwide, and two other Daymon Worldwide Companies—Galileo Global Branding Group and SAS Retail. Harnessing the unique IT, analytical, retail and logistical expertise of each of these companies has allowed Interactions to quickly bring the innovative, full-service solution to market.

Ultimately, the instant in-store feedback program acts as an all-digital version of Interactions’ consumer intercept surveys. Instead of having dedicated Brand Ambassadors visit set locations at set times, the new service leverages mobile technology and a consumer-friendly tablet interface to allow retailers to gather feedback anytime through special kiosks that are set up inside their stores. The tablets are preloaded with a custom-designed survey that allows consumers to rate their experience in the store or in specific departments, and leave detailed feedback for store management. The results of the survey are instantly analyzed and delivered to key stakeholders in real time through Interactions’ proprietary RetailLogic system.

“The system is so sophisticated, it can even ‘read’ the comments consumers type in and analyze them for sentiment,” explains Lindsay Holland, Director of Sales and Operations for Interactions. “Retailers can choose to flag certain sentiments—such as negative reactions—and have alerts delivered immediately to store managers via their smartphones.” This allows retailers to react to consumer concerns in real time and to make changes to positively influence the in-store experience before a consumer leaves the store.

“With the powerful analytical capabilities included in this solution, we’re not just delivering data to retailers,” Holland continues. “We provide specific feedback on the results gathered and quarterly action planning that clearly identifies areas a retailer should consider focusing their improvement efforts on based on what consumers are saying.”

To encourage consumers to participate and provide meaningful feedback, the surveys can be combined with incentives, such as digital coupons or chances to win a prize. In addition to helping normalize the responses (ensuring more than just the most and least satisfied consumers participate, as is common with many other feedback mechanisms), retailers can also leverage this incentives as a way to help offset the costs of the program by offering them as a buy-in to CPGs and vendors.

This is just one of the many customizable aspects of the instant feedback solution that Holland emphasizes. “We can adjust survey questions based on the retailers needs at the time and provide results at a variety of levels, whether it’s for individual store locations or specific regions,” she explains. “Based on a retailer’s preferences, we can even integrate the survey and analytics software the solution uses into their existing POS systems or mobile app, rather than installing kiosks through the store. The program can also be combined with other Interactions services, such as in-store demonstration events—allowing retailers to gather both store and brand feedback. Really, whatever our retailer partners are looking for, we will work to develop a customized solution that meets their needs.”