Celebrating Grads & Dads


With schools starting to let out across the country and Father’s Day on the horizon, June is another month full of celebrations for shoppers. According to the National Retail Federation, each year, consumers spend over $4.5 billion on graduation gifts and nearly $12.5 billion on Father’s Day gifts and gatherings each year. As a Sales Advisor, both occasions are perfect opportunities for you to encourage shoppers to try something new and treat their loved ones (or themselves!) to something special.

One thing most Dads and Grads have in common is an appreciation for practical gifts—things that they can and will actually use. Sampling a new flavor of gourmet popcorn? Encourage shoppers to put together a movie-themed gift basket featuring the popcorn and other items found throughout the store, such as candy, soda and a DVD. Or show them how they can set their favorite Dad or Grad up for the perfect summer road trip (or drive to college) by putting together a collection of the snacks you’re sampling, along with bottled water and a gas gift card.

Of course, everyone likes to be pampered from time to time. So don’t be afraid to call out specialty items that might make good gifts, too. For example, a bottle of the wine or six-pack of craft beer you’re sampling could make Dad’s day.

Don’t forget about the parties, special dinners and other gatherings consumers may be shopper for as well for these occasions. For example, point out how the frozen appetizers or ready-to-eat side dishes you’re sampling could make prep and clean-up a breeze. Or suggest how the juice or sparkling water on your cart would make a great base for a party punch.

Not sure how to bring up Father’s Day or graduations to begin with? Make it a part of your friendly greeting. For example, you could say, “Hi, would you like to try a sample today? This would make a great gift for Father’s Day!”