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Executive Perspectives: From the President


Brett Barcelona

Brett Barcelona, President and General Manager Retail Services

Why Listening Helps Us Win
Living our Cultural Beliefs: I hear you! in action

Recently, I’ve attended several meetings with our customers where we’ve been together to discuss one of our services, and inevitably in every meeting our partners have asked if can we do something else. It could be another service or the same service in a different region. We’ve been asked to do short-term projects with a quick turnaround times as well as long-term efforts, but featuring a completely different capability. When our partners ask, my answer is always, “yes, we can do this.”

How can we respond so effectively to nearly every opportunity? First, we are agile. Our flexible business model allows us the range of motion to scale up to a nationwide launch in thousands of locations, as well as to be as quick and nimble as possible in a small number of locations.

june2015-cultural-beliefsWe have an on-demand workforce throughout North America that we can utilize to solve for any operational or strategic issue. Our teams work with thousands of trained Brand Ambassadors who focus on selling and promoting our partners. I think of them as our own legion of super heroes, arriving precisely when and where they are needed with the ability to have maximum impact in a short amount of time.

At our core we have a can-do attitude. We push ourselves every day and come to work with the resolve that we can absolutely handle everything that comes our way. If we didn’t, we simply wouldn’t be successful. Together we achieve great things.

The more we listen to our customers, the more we learn how we can help them reach their goals. Our organization has six Cultural Beliefs, and as the first one on the list, I hear you! is really where it all begins. It requires you to be active and to focus your attention on the customer and their needs. The next time you have the opportunity to listen to your customer, take it. Really take the time to hear them. If you do, I guarantee that with the right mix of flexibility and adaptability, you can make a difference—one conversation at a time.

Thank you for all that you do.

Brett Barcelona
President and General Manager Retail Services