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Editor’s Corner: Giving Consumers What They Want—Choices


In today’s consumer-driven retail environment, retailers are increasingly having to cater to a greater number of diverse consumer preferences. To avoid alienating one set of shoppers in favor of another, this usually means adding more options—not simply replacing those that already exist. This applies not only to the types of products and services that are delivered, but also how they are delivered.

There’s no doubt that technology is playing a greater role in the in-store experience today. As you’ll read about in this month’s Market Watch article on page 6, the use of in-store technology has become so pervasive, there’s now a digital alternative for almost every type of retail engagement we used to think of as only being available from an in-store sales associate.

Now that’s not to say that technology is completely replacing in-person engagement. While many consumers like the option self-service through a smartphone app or other digital technology, there are just as many who prefer the “old fashioned” service one-to-one interaction provides. Self-checkout is a perfect example of this. According to a survey by technology firm Cisco, about 52 percent of shoppers love self-checkout, while nearly as many—48 percent—hate it. That’s why many retailers who are integrating technology into the in-store experience are hedging their bets by also keeping the in-person services their shoppers have come to know and love.

As a retailer, making the right choice of which products, services and delivery methods to use all comes down to knowing your options and your audience. I hope the articles in this issue of Retail News Insider help give you greater insight into both of those areas—and as always, I thank you for reading.

All the best,

Kelly Short